Word is divided into 7 continent and as per their area in sq. kilometers there rankings are as under :

  1. Asia   (approx 30%)
  2. Africa
  3. North America
  4. South America
  5. Antarctica
  6. Europe and 
  7. Australia
whereas Population wise ranking is 
  1.  Asia  (60% of world population)
  2.  Africa 
  3.  Europe
  4.  North America
  5.  South America 
  6.  Australia and 
  7.  Antarctica with Zero Population.
with population Density ranking as 
  1. Asia with approx 250 people per sq. mile
  2. Europe    approx 190 people per sq. mile 
  3. Africa      approx 90 people per sq mile
  4. North America and ( very comfortable with approx 60 people per sq. mile)
  5. South America (Both almost same density)
  6. Australia with  ( just less than 10 people per sq.mile)
  7. Antarctica ( zero density)
North and South America's total area is almost equivalent to area of Asian Continent whereas population is less than 50% of the Asian Population. The above comparisons are necessary for having a glance over the economic conditions, natural resources to boost economic growth. Know more about World Economy Today Global Challenges

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