Friday, 1 July 2016

World Economy Today - Global Challenges

While reading this post, you may be thinking that you can also contribute your might to solve the Indian Economic Problems as dwindling world economies are posing new challenges for every nation big or small, developed or under developed, rich or poor. The economic problems can not be solved by military power as wars and conflicts add to the woes of the nations at wars and conflicts as most of their resources get depleted in maintaining their integrity sovereignty and independence. 

If you have the solution to the socio-economic problems of your country and finding it difficult to use any publishing platform due to technical problems then we provide you an open platform to send your articles via email which will get published on this Blog automatically. Please do not use any offending language or copyrighted material or material already published on the web. Original and Unique articles can be sent via your email account at the email address of blog at World Economic Challenges . We once again request that neither the content nor the images should be copied and pasted anywhere on the web or print media. Below the article please let us know your Real Name, Pen or Nick Name, Contact Number, Address which will be published as per your consent to be submitted via Contact Me.

After you send your article at World Economic Challenges and your details at Contact Me (This is required to keep the spammers at bay), we will moderate the articles for any spelling or grammatical with brief profile of the author, if not submitted or linked by you yourself. The article will get published automatically but for Time Zone restrictions as our moderators will be able 10 AM to 6 PM as per Indian Standard Time. 

Any national citizen across the globe can submit his or her articles and we will be just creating country  wise labels like India, China, Bangladesh, UAE, Canada, Australia and almost all the countries across the Globle. English will be the accepted language of the articles. However we will be placing Google Translator on the Blog so that readers can read in the language of their choice out of more than 65+ world languages.

Before submitting an article via email directly into the Blog Pages you may need a first hand information on the world areas, population and density. We have created the 7 continents and on receipt of your articles on economy related to your geographical location we shall be dividing into sub continents to be further divided into nations or your native countries. With the help of contributions from economists all over the world we plan to start a forum discussion so that the future generations can assess their future socio-economic needs and work in the proper direction.

Jai Hind
Ashok Goyal
Self Made Web Designer and
Economist from India.

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